Coming Soon

Fridge and Washer Raps –              Used on it’s own or in harmony with a trolley a Fridge Rap makes moving fridges easy.

The handles make it easier to manoeuvre around corners and tight corridors.

The padding on the base reduces the chance of damage to timber floors.

And they only take a minute to put on!

There’s a Washer Rap coming soon too.


Makes you feel good

“I’m the Warehouse Manager with a large Retailer and we deliver hundreds of household items a week. From sofas and chairs to Beds and all types of whitegoods. The cardboard packaging is good as we recycle that but there is so much plastic and other stuff that has to go into the skip. It costs a lot to get the rubbished removed and I try not to think about the effect it has on the environment. Raps reduce how much packaging we throw out and that makes me feel good.”

Norm, Albury Australia.

Win Win Win

Win – Businesses around the world are saving money by reducing/eliminating their need to buy plastic.

Win – Less plastic is good for the Environment.

Win – Not making the plastic in the first place saves our Planets resources.

Raps above

“We’ve been using the same Raps for more than 5 years now and I swear by them. Recently we had to move a $20k leather lounge suite and the Sofa Raps just make it so easy. Lifting furniture up to 9 stories with our hoist takes a lot of care and experience. Raps take the stress out. They’re bloody good.”


Rae’s Moving story

“I was moving house with the help of my ex-husband and my brother 6’7” 120kg. Both pretty fit although my ex has let himself go a bit. Everything was going well (as well as it could when you’re moving house) when we got to the 3 seater sofa. It had to go upstairs. So after more than half an hour of sweating and swearing (and a few marks and scrapes on the new walls), the boys got it up the stairs and to the door. There it got stuck and they both swore that it will never get through the doorway. ‘It’s impossible’ they said.”

“So I said leave it in the garage and I’ll work out what to do. The next day I rang Darren a friend of mine who delivers sofas for a living and he said it shouldn’t be a problem and he’ll call around after work to sort it. I said I wasn’t sure if I could organise one of the boys and he said we’ll be right just him and me. I had my doubts.”

“He arrived, wrapped it in a Rap specially designed for sofas, I got on one end, he got on the other and within 5 minutes we’d got it up the stairs, through the doorway and into the room.”

“I still can’t believe how we did it! I guess it goes to show if you know what you’re doing and you’ve got the right tools it makes any job easy.”