Event rentals & Home staging

Raps are ideal for Furniture rental companies of all sorts. If you rent your own furniture then Raps will protect your assets from damage and save money on packaging. From Sydney to New York Raps have got you and your Sofas covered.

Change Customers minds

Raps are awesome. Last week I had to pick up a 3 seater sofa needing repair. It was a double story home and the staircase was narrow with pictures against the walls and lamps protruding onto the stairs. To add to the difficulty the customers were in a critical frame of mind. Myself and my son wrapped the sofa in a Rap and with the handles it made it easy to get down the stairs, to the landing. We then had to turn it to go down the rest of the stairs. The customers were happy as their expensive timber floor was protected and we caused no further damage to the sofa. Arthur – Leather Doctor Scarborough, Perth Western Australia

Infinity Movers – Austin Texas

“I really appreciate Andrew’s genuine care and helpfulness when ordering their products and the mattress raps are working out very well for our moves. We have already ordered multiple times and will order again soon!” Ben – Infinity Moving LLC

9 Time Award Winner – Moveworx

Hi, I’m Natalie one of the Directors from Moveworx Removals and Storage.

About 2 years ago we decided to invest in RapCo products for our company for several reasons

1 we were impressed with the products, perfect for our industry and 2 we wanted to eliminate waste.

Not only have we cut back on waste, (plastic coverings for furniture) but we have saved as we are not having to purchase plastic coverings over and over and over, this is a win win, for the environment and our business.

Our staff prefer working with the RapCo products as it is much easier to handle the items and manoeuvre especially when moving up and down stairs and tight doorways.

Clients are impressed with the products as they can see that their beloved furniture is protected from the elements of the weather as well as the way our team manages their furniture items.

I would highly recommend investing in RapCo products as they are durable, practical and reliable.

Our dealings with RapCo have been nothing but excellent, from placing our orders to the delivery of their products.

Craig’s Furniture Q & A

Q & A with John owner of Craig’s Furniture

Q: How long using?
A: 10 years

Q: What used before?
A: Nothing or sometimes dust covers but they were a pain to use.

Q: What do you like best?

  • A: Customers think we’re more professional
  • A: Vastly improved manoeuvrability – getting into spaces
  • A: Furniture Protection
  • A: Ease
  • A: Handles – good for Occupational Health & Safety

Q: Use?

  • A: All deliveries
  • A: Daily

Q: Value for Money?

  • A: They get wear and tear but I’m happy to pay the money
  • A: Yes, I’d say they’re good value

When times are tough

“We don’t use them every day but they’re great for when we have a big sofa to deliver” Brad – Signature Upholstery